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Introducing the Cheval de Merens

The Cheval de Merens is little known here in the UK. This breed, native to the Ariege region of France, was saved from the threat of extinction in the 1970's, when they were down to only three stallions in existence. An association was formed, SHERPA Merens, to help promote  and save the breed. This organisation based in the Pyrenees has associations throughout France and Europe. However, in the UK they still remain virtually unknown. Here at AlexStar our aim is to change this by introducing, what we feel, is a versatile and beautiful horse to the UK. With their superb temperament we believe that these gentle horses deserve to be recognised in this country.

The Future for Merens

The success of the breeding programme undertaken in recent years along with the leisure label has ensured that the Merens breed survived. Indeed, they have now been taken off the endangered list. These horses have now split into two distinct branches, the traditional type and the taller, lighter ‘sport’ type.

About Us

Having first come across the Cheval de Merens whilst living in France in the eighties, we brought over our first two Merens in our mid-forties as our first horses. They have proved to be a great joy to us, so much so that we are now the proud owners of five Merens and have a great desire to let the people of the UK know how lovely these horses are.